Frequently Asked Questions

List of questions and answers

How do I use Dyno?

Start by logging in here.

Once you're in the server manager, you can configure commands, modules, and more.

For a full list of commands, head over to the Command List.

Dyno is not responding to commands, what do I do?

Try the following:

  • 1
    Check if Dyno has the Read and Send Messages permissions, as well as Embed Links in that channel.
  • 2
    Do @Dyno prefix, and see if you're using the correct prefix.
  • 3
    Check whether the command you're trying to use is enabled by heading to your Server Dashboard > Commands. Then search for your command and check whether it's enabled

If none of these work, please head over to our support server.

Who does Dyno consider mod and admin?

Admins are users who have the Manage server or Administrator permission.

Moderators are users or roles that are added using the ?addmod command.

Why can't I see my server?

Make sure you're logged onto the right account on Discord, then refresh the website.

Also, please make sure you have the Manage Server or Administrator permission in the server; otherwise you won't find it.

Why won't Dyno assign roles?

Discord works on a role heiarchy and requires someone to have a physically higher role in order to modify/give a role below it.

Desktop Fix: Drag Dyno's role up in Server Settings > Roles.

Mobile Fix: Go to Server Settings > Roles and hit edit and drag Dyno's role up.

How can I donate?

You can upgrade here.

What are the benefits of Dyno premium?

Premium benefits include higher speed and performance, better uptimes, fewer/quicker restarts for updates, less downtime, unlimited song/play length, volume control, slowmode, autopurge, and some other things we can't add to the public Dyno for performance or cost purposes.

Is Dyno open source?

Dyno is not open source for several reasons.

  • 1
    Dyno is a public bot and platform that is comprised of multiple services, which also depend on multiple services, we do not plan to make it self-contained and distributable.
  • 2
    We value the enormous amount of time and effort that's been put into Dyno and would prefer people to use it as we provide it, a service to you.
I see a blank message from Dyno but others can see it, why so?

Please make sure you enable the Show website preview info from links pasted into chat. option in your account settings, shown here:

Why isn't automod deleting messages?

The following are the probable reasons automod isn't deleting messages

  • 1
    Automod ignores mods/admins by default.
  • 2
    Dyno doesn't have manage messages.
  • 3
    The automod module is not enabled.

If none of these seems to be the root cause of this issue, please head over to our support server.

Why can’t my mods purge?

Purge is an admin command by default. However, you can change that setting by clicking the option under purge in your manager commands. Then you add accordingly.

How do I unwarn someone?

?clearwarn [user] will clear all active warnings for that user.

Keep in mind that you cannot clear individual warnings for a user.

How do I ban someone who is not in the server anymore?

You would use their ID, like so: ?ban userID reason

To get a user's ID, right click them anywhere on Discord, then click Copy ID.

Note: If you don't see the copy ID option, make sure you have developer mode on. Like so:

What are tags?

Tags are an easy way to quickly store text/information that can be recalled at a later time. Examples of how to use them:

Create the tag: ?tag create test I'm a test!

Call the tag: ?tag test

Dyno would then reply with I'm a test!

Logs aren't working on my server, what do I do?

Note: This applies to all logging modules including actionlogs, moderation logs, and automod logs.

- Check if the module is disabled by doing ?diagnose [module Name]

- If the module is enabled, check if Dyno can Read Messages and Send Messages in the log channel, as well as Embed Links. To quickly check if Dyno has those permissions, do ?uptime in the channel.

- Lastly, check if Dyno has manage webhooks in that channel and in his role permissions.

If none of these work, don't hesitate to join our support server.

How do I play music?

First, take a look through the list of commands that you can find here

If you need further examples, you can type ?help [command] for more help with any command. eg. ?help play

Why won't Dyno join my channel?
  • 1
    Be sure Dyno has the following permissions: Connect, Speak, Use Voice Activity.
  • 2
    If Dyno has these permissions, try ?stop then ?play.
  • 3
    If that does not work head over to the support channel on the Dyno Discord Server
Why is the music stuttering?

Lag and stuttering can be caused by several factors, some things to consider are:

  • 1
    Try changing your voice region briefly which will change the voice server that you and Dyno are connected to.
  • 2
    If the above didn't work and you are using the free Dyno, try changing your region to US East.

We suggest you moving your voice server region to US East as it is the closest server region to the bot host.

How can I lower Dyno's volume?

For performance purposes, the volume command is not available in the free version of Dyno.

If you would like to be able to adjust the volume using the command, we offer this and other features and perks if you upgrade to Dyno premium.

This also supports the cost of development and hosting.